Awesome Penetration Strategy

Build something great

We’re constantly trying to build networks to get better view for our partnership product

Training and Live System

Development, implementation and integration of interactive simulation and training systems

In The Office
We create innovative and high quality wind tunnel

We know the importance of AERODYNAMICS

Make it Rain
Mission Equipment

high performance but reduces the weight and the size of the parachute system


We Are Professional consultation and deliver industry leading, innovative, turnkey solutions & after sales local support

Keeping this mission in focus, AIMan has been successfully able to achieve partnerships/ associations with reputed international companies to provide a wide range of products / equipments to help modernize defense industry

"We have been devoted to design for many years, our goal is to advance solution and local after sales support and produce local production."

Ceo founder - By Fahmi Salim
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Take advantage of our experience

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Big Projects
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Opt Effective 
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Best and Branded Product
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Best and Branded Product

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